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824 South 400 West

Suite B123

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Tel. 801.533.5331


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Based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Also licensed in Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and Wyoming.

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Remodel Client Locations

Alpine, UT
American Fork, UT
Bicknell, UT
Bluffdale, UT
Boise, ID
Bountiful, UT
Brighton, UT
Cedar Hills, UT
Centerville, UT
Charleston, WV
Charlestown, MA
Contoocook, NH
Cottonwood Heights, UT
Danville, CA
Draper, UT
Elko, NV
Ely, NV
Evanston, WY
Farmington, UT
Fillmore, UT
Francis, UT
Fruit Heights, UT
Grantsville, UT
Hamblin, UT
Heber City, UT
Highland, UT
Holladay, UT
Huntsville, UT
Kaysville, UT
Kemmerer, WY
Lakeside, MT
Laketown, UT
Layton, UT
Lehi, UT
Logan, UT
Malad, ID
Mansfield, CT
Mapleton, UT
Maui, HI
Midvale, UT
Midway, UT
Morgan, UT
Morris, MN
Mount Pleasant, UT
Mt. Green, UT
Mt. Pleasant, UT
Murray, UT
New Canaan, CT
Newark, DE
North Salt Lake, UT
Oakland, CA
Ogden, UT
Orem, UT
Orlando, FL
Park City, UT
Pleasant View, UT
Providence, UT
Provo, UT
Riverton, UT
Riverton, WY
Salem, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
Sandy, UT
Smithfield, UT
South Jordan, UT
Springville, UT
St. George, UT
Stansbury Park, UT
Syracuse, UT
Taylorsville, UT
Tooele, UT
West Jordan, UT

From Our Clients Point Of View

115 Ratings

(From Nov 2007 to Dec 2009)


of 2009 clients would refer a friend to us.



"I met with three other designers before I hired Renovation Design to add a second floor to my 100-year-old house. They supplied me with a design that was just what I wanted and information that guides me through the entire remodeling process. Their product is fantastic and they are great to work with." - Brian. H.
Exterior Update & Remodel
"I picked up the approved plans from the city of Draper today. They paid you a great compliment. The exact quote was, 'You have a wonderful [Architect]. For all the years I have worked here; this is the first time a set of plans has not required corrections.' I agreed!"
- Cathy M.
"After decades of previous owners of our home trying to finish the basement on their own, our basement was a real mess. We had an idea of what we wanted down there, but didn't know how to do it. Then we met Annie. She actually listened to what our needs were and came up with great ideas that we'd never thought of. We are just thrilled with our new basement." - Polly C.
"Renovation Design did a wonderful job redesigning our master suite. We are now in the construction process and they continue to follow through with us. If we run into any problems, Ann comes right on site to help. She says there's always a solution to any problem, and it's true that she always comes up with great solutions. I just can't say enough good things about this company." - Sally B.

Although the majority of our clients are very happy, some experience issues. We have attempted to address all of the issues expressed below. We get feedback in order to improve our services and prevent problems from reoccurring, and to improve upon what our clients appreciate about our services.

Name Rating How could we improve or What did we do well?

Abby A.


Alicia B.

I could not recommend my Architect. The cost estimate was completely off. Our Architect was particularly poor at listening to concerns, his drawings had a number of mistakes and his communication was poor. We don't feel our Architect drew what we agreed upon.
RESOLUTION: Alicia asked that no one try to resolve her concerns.

Alta & Rick D.

Everything was great. Our experience with Renovation Design Group was better than we could have expected. Our only suggestion is that it would be beneficial for clients that are doing the project themselves; if the Architect explained they should NOT let any contractors change the plans without contacting the Architect first.

Ann L.

What was most valuable to me was having a professional monitor the work - as well, of course, as designing it. I have recommended the firm to two people already and will continue to do so.

Anne D.

I would strongly recommend this firm.

Anne P.

Our Architect was great. Renovation Design has the knowledge and vision to really make a project work well.




I appreciated our architect's upfront candor and enthusiasm and her willingness to consider ideas that other architects weren't willing to consider.


Making a master plan was exactly what we needed. It helped us see the big picture and stop doing little projects on our own that would need to be reversed in the future!


The exploration process was the most valuable. It was interesting to see the numerous possibilities of how we could remodel our kitchen space. We love our new space. It is awesome and we are grateful for all that were involved. Thanks Annie!


Our Architect's counseling, step by step prior to the building phase, and the drawings gave us the confidence we needed to undertake the actual renovation. We feel very good about this phase of Renovation Design's service - top notch, high quality, professional.


When asked "What does Renovation Design Group do well?" the client responded by saying, "Annie listens."


Renovation Design's strength is their particular attention to detail. What was most valuable to me was that my Architect was looking for my best interest. I got impartial advice on products from him. I feel Renovation Design Group really helped start to finish!


Our experience overall was great. I would strongly recommend this firm.


I would definitely recommend this firm to my friends.

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Our house was old and a bit to small, our Architect's creativity was unsurpassed.


I was impressed by their ability to work with our space. I liked what Renovation Design had to say [to improve our space].


My Architect was great!


While working with Renovation Design Group I felt they really seemed to have a handle on things. My Architect's ability to create a better use of space in our home was valuable.


I appreciated Renovation Design's thoroughness and willingness to work to my standards. Their forte is that they are flexible and forward thinking.


My Architect was able to incorporate several things into the home that I wanted but didn't know how to incorporate. I did have an issue that needed resolving but felt the Architect didn't want to take responsibility/accountability, so if I could improve anything about Renovation Design it would be approachability. In the end I was very satisfied and love what was drawn.


We were completely satisfied and have already referred two clients.




Renovation Design does everything very well but one strength is their ability to listen to, organize, and perfect client's various ideas.


I admire all the things Renovation Design has done and how they continue to better their business. They provide direct attention, easy access for interaction, and personal attention. They really take their business seriously.


Renovation Design really motivated us to get organized and move forward with the design phase of our project.


Renovation Design was flexible in providing us with different ideas and offering us several options. If we had to suggest improvement with Renovation Design we would recommend that they become more aware of Salt Lake Historic Society and Salt Lake Preservation Society requirements.


Our Architect helped us develop an overview of the options we had and then narrow down our options. Unfortunately, our bids came back much higher than we expected which caused our project to require several modifications and a lot more time but that hasn't kept us from referring clients. We have referred 7 clients to Renovation Design.




It was valuable to me to have an impartial party with my interests at hand. They really helped start to finish and the designs allowed you to see the attention to detail they put in their work.

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Barbara S.


Barry G.

Our Architect has been very professional and helpful in talking through our ideas. We are looking forward to seeing what types of ideas that he will come up with for our home.

Becky H.

I think Renovation Design Group is a great company with a niche that is very valuable.

Bill C.

I am very satisfied. I have already recommended at least eight people to Renovation Design.

Brooke S.


Camille A.

All the contractors commented that they love working with you and your drawings are detailed and complete. I responded that we love working with you too!

Cathy M.

Renovation Design's team atmosphere and the variety of choice in both the scale of work and the project cost were most valuable to me. I had high expectations and they were all met.

Celeste R.

I have recommended this firm to five people so far. My Architect went beyond my expectations in what she did for us.

Chris A.


Chris A.


Dan C.

We love the service provided by Renovation Design Group. Unfortunately our limited budget does not allow us to continue their services and afford Renovation Design Group rates.

Dave J.

My Architect was personable, and capable as well as creative. I have already recommended her to someone.

David & Melissa F.

We were pleased with Renovation Design Group's ability to take our current space and make it work for our needs. We have referred them to two friends so far.

Dee G.

My contractor recommended Renovation Design Group. The overall experience was great.

Demie M. & Alan L.

Renovation Design's creativity was most valuable to us. My Architect is great at creative, sympathetic design, as well as giving his clients costing options. I can think of nothing that the firm could do to improve, I would strongly recommend them.

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Diane C.

I was very impressed with the creative thinking of space from my Architect. Her communication is her strength.

Donna & Martin B.

Renovation Design had vision and skill and came up with great ideas on a very difficult project. They came up with ideas that we had never thought of. I felt like they listened very carefully to what we wanted and helped us achieve the goals we had in mind. Now we have a house that makes sense and looks great on the inside and outside. I have referred ten or more people to them so far. I would recommend them to anyone.

Eddy D.

The staff is friendly. I liked my Architect personally and felt he generated some good ideas but I believed he failed us by not communicating to us that the scope of work was out of our budget.
RESOLUTION: Our Client Service Director spoke with Eddy, together they identified some changes to the plans that could be made to enable him to be able to do the project.

Erika H.

The drafting and engineering provided by Renovation Design was of great value to me. My Architect also handled my disappointment very well - we just weren't on the same page at first but we took the time to discuss our different opinions everything turned out for the best. I would strongly recommend Renovation Design to a friend.

Gary M.

Our Architect was a delight to work with. She is very reliable, and watched the progress of our project carefully, ensuring no slip ups.

Gary M.

Our interactions with Renovation Design were professional and our concerns were addressed in a timely manner however the initial plans far exceeded our budget.

Greg & Nadia L.

Everyone on the Renovation Team that took part in our project performed extremely well. The firm respects the neighborhood's inherent design features. They operate with professionalism while maintaining a personal touch, which is not easy to do in a growing firm but they have maintained that professionalism/person touch mix nicely. Our Architect did a fantastic job of incorporating our ideas and vision into the final plans. We have referred ten or more people to her already. We are continually thankful for deciding to involve our Architect in our design process, she really captured our ideas and made our redesigned home flow and function to our desires.

Heidi D.

Renovation Design was Fabulous! I couldn't improve anything about the firm. My Architect took my ideas and made them work. She went above and beyond. I have referred three friends to her so far. She is a lovely, talented lady.

Janet E.


Janet H. & Lesley B.

Renovation Design Group was very easy to work with. They were quick to respond to our concerns and issues. The final design reflected our priorities and design preferences. We have recommended them to others and will continue to refer to them.

Janie W.

We think that your process is very helpful.

Jeanette & Jim W.

We loved the creative way our Architect saw our home, its strengths and ways of improving its drawbacks. The drafters spent a lot of time accurately measuring our home before the design started. The pictures they took were much better than our real estate agent took. We have recommended the firm to several others already.

Jeff G.

We chose to work with Renovation Design Group because of the recommendation of a friend

Jennifer & Zach P.

Our Architect is great at creating a functional design and flow while keeping in mind her client's needs and budget, which was valuable to us. And we have already referred some friends to her.

Jill B.

Chose Renovation Design because they were highly recommended.

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John H.


Karin Hill

Renovation Design has done other projects for me so I have selected them again for a new project. I just wish the prices weren't so high.

Kathleen & Gary P.

My Architect was great. Renovation Design Group gave us the opportunity to do the work we wanted when others told us to buy a new house. They know how to make an addition blend into the home and look like part of the house. We have referred several others to the firm, and would recommend them friends, or family - anyone.

Kathleen H.

I am greatful to have had the chance to work with Renovation Design Group. Hopefully we will be able to move forward with our project but with the economy the way it is it may take longer than expected.

Kathryn V.

I don't think anything could be improved upon. I have recommended them to others, and plan to continue.

Kermit & Noreen H.

We have great confidence in our Architect and felt our expectations were exceeded. To date we have referred two other people to Renovation Design Group.

Kevin M.

The professionalism and the services packaged were presented very well during our initial meeting.

Kim C.

Our Architect is wonderful. She took the time to explain stuff to us and is easy to work with.

Kirstin M.


Kris & Marcus P.

Renovation Design Group was very personable and easy to work with. They were always very professional and quick to respond to our concerns and issue with the City and building permit problems. We love the designs we were given and were impressed with how well the Architect knew what would work with our neighborhood.

Kristin L.

When asked "If you would change anything about Renovation Design Group, what would it be?", clients response was "Nothing. You're expensive, but good."

Laura G.


Laura N.

Renovation Design Group's strength is their ability to provide their clients with different ideas, especially ideas for small spaces.

Leeann E.

My designer was easy to work with and provided me with lots of designs. I only wish we used Renovation Design for the entire process.

Lindsay D.

Their quality of work was important to me, but they are good at everything; presentation, design, customer care.

Request A Free Consultation

Lucynthia K.


Margaret L.

Renovation Design Group is top-notch professional, timely, thoughtful, helpful, insightful, knowledgeable and encouraging. I don't have enough words to express your giftedness.

Maria M.

Our Architect has been a God-send in finishing off the drawings and helping with walk-throughs during construction.

Marie G.


Mark J.

I was not completely satisfied with the price/value of the services rendered by Renovation Design but I was impressed with their high level layout, blue prints and adjusting for permits. These items were most valuable to my project.

Mark S.


Mark T.

We needed to get more out of our smaller house to accommodate family size and didn't want to move so we choose Renovation Design Group due to a personal recommendation. A suggestion for improvement would be having more communication in the design phase if there are questions.

Melanie A.


Michele D.

Great job!

Mike C.

During my project I ran into a problem with a neighborhood covenant and felt Renovation Design didn't prepare me enough for things I needed to look into before my project was put into motion. I did feel my Architect incorporated my ideas into the plans and moved ahead in a timely manner and have made two referrals to Renovation Design Group.

Nancy J.

We wanted to make several changes to our home and decided it would make sense to have a master plan. We chose Renovation Design because of the articles we read in the Deseret News written by both principal Architects.

Patrick L.

My overall experience has been very good.

Paula D.

My Architect was great. I liked the options and color photos from magazines to show some examples.

Perry & Linda C.

Renovation Design Group showed professional presentation, careful follow-up, creative ideas and a timely response to our questions and concerns. We valued our Architect's confidence in our design ideas. She helped us see the potential of our home and she encouraged us to move forward with our plans. I can't think of anything that this firm could be doing better.

Rick B.

Renovation Design is very professional. They have a great website and literature. However I would have liked to have the opportunity to be better matched with an Architect. I also think the Architect should address the fact that the design is going to go over the budget the client has in mind. The cost of my design was way out of line (too much).
RESOLUTION: Although Rick indicated there was nothing we could do to resolve the issue in his case, we have hired a professional writer to interview our Architects and have posted a Bio of each on our website in an effort to let potenial clients request an Architect. We have also included a preliminary budget during the initial design phase, whith an option to update it later in the process.

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Robert J.

Renovation Design Group kept the project in line with fitting into the neighborhood and keeping the plans flexible enough for unforeseen problems in renovations. You are more expensive than others, but the results look fantastic. So maybe that is just part of the deal.

Robin G.

I loved working with my Architect. Her greatest strength is her creativity.

Robin H.

I really got what I wanted. Renovation listens to how the client wants their home to function. Every family has specific needs that they dream of and renovation helps implement them. How do you thank the people that made your dream house?

Sandra K.

Most of the time I have got feedback very promptly. A few times it took longer than expected but I have nothing negative to say about Renovation Design Group. I would definitely refer them to a friend.

Scott H.


Stacey & Marty G.

Our Architect presented valuable ideas that we didn't think of and suggested improvements on the ideas we had. He addresses his client's needs in a professional manner. Renovation Design Group is a great firm.

Steve J.

Renovation Design's ability to create construction drawings of our concepts was one of the most valuable parts of our project.

Steve O.

You have a great niche in the market and you will continue to be successful by staying with you targeted market.

Susan A.

I chose Renovation Design because I was pleased with work I saw that they had done, however I felt the assistance I recieved didn't match with what I spent for it. I felt like I made more suggestions regarding the plans than the Architect did.
RESOLUTION: After our Director of Client Service discussed this issue with Susan, a partial refund was sent back to her. Susan indicated that she was very pleased with the resolution.

Susan B.

My Architect was great!

Susan P.

Besides the initial architectural work, my Architect's assistance dealing with the contractor after problems arose was very helpful.

Suzanne S.

My Architect had such fabulous talent. She immediately noted what needed to be done and got right to it. Renovation Design gave me solutions that I had never would have thought of. They handle everything in a very professional way. I love our new home! I love what Renovation Design is doing!

Tamera S.

I never should have gone to Renovation Design. They need to learn to listen to their clients.
RESOLUTION: Tamera indicated that she was not interested in being contacted about a resolution.

Tammy P.

Renovation Design's insight, professionalism and production were most valuable to me. The firm excels at their ability to address the needs of their clients, and provide innovative ideas.

Thane B.

Our Architect showed us many directions we could go within our budget and our space.

Request A Free Consultation

Tom M.

Enjoyed working with Renovation Design Group.

Tom W.

It has been a pleasant, useful relationship so far.

Tony G.

I would strongly recommend this firm to any friend.

Tonya N.

Our Architect is very creative. I enjoyed working with her. She gave us lots of ideas.

Tracy K.

We chose to work with Renovation Design Group because of their reputation and the recommendation from co-workers.

Ty R.

Renovation Design knows how to take the proper steps to minimize problems during design and construction. They know their niche very well and have great customer service.

Wendy L.

I was very pleased with my Architect. He listens and respects his clients. His knowledge of space and materials was exceptional. I wish I had another house so that I could have Renovation Design do the work again.

Wendy S.

I enjoyed working with Renovation Design. My Architect was very creative. I have recommended several clients to Renovation Design and will continue to refer clients to them.

Zach H.

I have referred 9 clients to Renovation Design. They have a great knowledge of the codes and listened to what I needed.

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