Avoid the Cost and Stress of Choosing a Bad Contractor

Less Remodeling Stress
Improved Remodeling Lifestyle
Better Remodeling Construction Quality
Better Remodeling Decisions
Save Money Remodeling

We know the best remodeling contractors in town

In 2008, the BBB received over 48,000 complaints about all different types of contractors. That same year the number two most complained about was Auto Dealers with 26,723 complaints.

But, we know the best remodeling contractors in town. We've done dozens of projects with some contractors, and our clients review and rate each contractor so we know their strengths and weaknesses.

Only the best contractors stay on our list, so they have an added incentive to treat our clients right.

Remodel with confidence, using the most competent contractors.

All the contractors commented that they love working with you and your drawings are detailed and complete. I responded that we love working with you too!” — Camille A.

What Renovation Design does very well is responding to their client's needs and connecting their clients with excellent contractors” — Tom N.

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Less Remodeling StressReduce Your Remodeling Stress

  • Avoid the stress and frustration of:
  • Your contractor skipping town
  • Dealing with an unresponsive contractor
  • Unscrupulous behavior
  • Incompetence
  • Feel save with the workers in your home

Better Remodeling Construction QualityHigher Construction Quality

  • Avoid shoddy work
  • With adequate planning before-hand extra money can be spent on areas that are most important to you
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