More Resale Value

Less Remodeling Stress
Improved Remodeling Lifestyle
Better Remodeling Construction Quality
Better Remodeling Decisions
Save Money Remodeling

Our Design Expertise will Increase Your Home's Resale Value, and Save Expenses

Home 1 & 2 (above) were similar before they were each remodeled. The one on the right was designed by Renovation Design Group. Each is comparable in size, bedrooms, and bathrooms after the remodel but the one designed by Renovation Design Group has a much higher resale value.

Our Bid Review service saves expenses. One client saved over $10,000 from a bid review when the architect saw a way to re-bid the tile work. Another wanted to proceed with a bid that seemed attractive until the architect found $30,000 worth of work missing from the bid.

Our services will save expenses while making your home more appealing to future buyers so that it will sell for more money. In addition, you'll enjoy living there much more in the mean time.

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Save Money RemodelingImprove Your Lifestyle

  • Enjoy living in a home that meets your lifestyle goals

Better Remodeling Construction QualityHigher Design and Construction Quality

Improved Remodeling LifestyleSave Money

  • Good design pays. When it comes time to sell your home you will be more appealing to buyers and will give a higher return for your investment.
  • Our bid review helps you to avoid paying thousands of dollars more than is reasonable or necessary
  • The bid review also helps you to avoid proceeding with an incomplete (low) bid that will result in expensive change orders during the renovation
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