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Have No Regrets, We'll Prevent Serious Problems

From an architectural standpoint, the stucco home above leaves something to be desired. The massing is wrong, it's a hodgepodge of several different styles, and resembles an apartment complex more than a single family home. From a neighborhood standpoint, it was a nightmare — creating severe animosity between the homeowner and most of the neighbors. The political result was a neighborhood backlash against the city which culminated in a city-wide rezoning of Salt Lake City to prevent it from happening again. And as an investment, the design left the resale value far below it's potential.

Although an extreme example, there are almost endless both minor and quite significant regrets that can be had after undertaking a renovation. Incomplete planning and inexperience is what leads to serious compromises to the success of any project.

Our expertise and experience resolve serious problems before they happen. In the end, almost overwhelmingly our clients report their satisfaction with their remodeling experience.

Our only regret is that we didn't do this years ago.” — Donna B.

This really was an ideal project. Not only did it come together well, our purposes for remodeling the home were fulfilled, we love the home, and have yet to come up with anything we wish we would have done differently.  Thanks so much for your collaborative help.” — Florie J.

Our project was definitely a success. It's seamless . . . I couldn't have done this remodel without an architect. It would have been impossible.” — Jennie B.

Renovation Design's team atmosphere and the variety of choice in both the scale of work and the project cost were most valuable to me. I had high expectations and they were all met.” — Cathy M.

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Less Remodeling StressReduce Your Remodeling Stress

  • Avoid the stress and frustration of:
  • Discovering that the city will not let you build what you want
  • Delays associated with getting a permit because of incomplete drawings
  • Poor structural coordination that results in a structural beam, column, or truss that ruins a view, circulation path, or aesthetic goal
  • Water damage and energy inefficiency from inadequate building methods or materials

Save Money RemodelingImprove Your Lifestyle

  • Proper planning for structural issues, zoning compliance, building methods, and building materials results in the overall success of the project without any regrets.
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