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We have designed more renovations for homeowners than any other architectural firm we know. After designing 1029 remodels we know better how to help you avoid the pitfalls inherent in remodeling than any one else.

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Our Architect was great. Renovation Design has the knowledge and vision to really make a project work well.” — Anne P.

Renovation Design Group is top-notch professional, timely, thoughtful, helpful, insightful, knowledgeable and encouraging. I don't have enough words to express your giftedness. ” — Margaret L.

I was very pleased with my Architect. He listens and respects his clients. His knowledge of space and materials was exceptional. I wish I had another house so that I could have Renovation Design do the work again.” — Wendy L.

I have referred nine clients to Renovation Design. They have a great knowledge of the codes and listened to what I needed.” — Zach H.

Renovation Design's strength is their particular attention to detail. What was most valuable to me was that my Architect was looking for my best interest. I got impartial advice on products from him. I feel Renovation Design Group really helped start to finish!” — Annon.

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