What Should I Ask an Architect When Selecting One?

Six Interview Questions To Ask an Architect

#1: Can I See Your Home Renovation Portfolio?
How we are Different Diverse, Better-Looking Designs

Our architects have the gift of design. The beauty, inspiration, and diversity of style in our portfolio speaks for its self. Some architects focus on one design style or another, while our architects can design an inspiring remodel for any style of home. Each client works directly with an architect who holds a Master's Degree in Architecture, has completed a three year residency program under another architect, and has completed nine licensing exams. Request a Free Consultation with an architect that designs better-looking and more functional remodels.

#2: How Many Residential Renovation Projects Have You Designed?
How we are Different 1029

Renovation Design Group has designed 1029 renovation projects for homeowners just like you. We have more home renovation expertise than any other architectural firm that we know. This means that we know better how to help you successfully navigate the zoning, structural, construction, permitting, neighborhood issues and political issues related to home renovation design. Request a Free Consultation with an architect that is an expert at home remodeling design.

#3: How Many of Your Clients are Happy Enough to Refer a Friend to You?
How we are Different 98%

Last year 98% of the 75 home renovation clients surveyed reported that they were happy enough to refer a friend to us. We survey each client twice during the project to get feedback, and monitor the results to address specific issues, improve on what our clients like best, and to spot possible issues or trends among our client responses. Request a Free Consultation from an architect who cares enough to ask and then make sure you are happy.

#4: How Do You Determine the Remodel Cost for your Designs?
How we are Different Line Item Renovation Cost Estimates

Many architects have a poor sense of what the cost of construction will be for the remodels they design. Those that actually do an estimate will multiply a rough cost-per-square-foot by the remodeled area which is a method that is usually inaccurate for renovations. Our construction cost estimates are broken out by line item and are much more likely to help you avoid cost surprises down the road. Request a Free Consultation from an architect who will show you an example of a more accurate way to estimate construction costs.

#5: How do You Ensure Your Remodel Design Will Integrate With my Home?
How we are Different Ultra-Accurate Technology

Like most architects, we started our design work using a tape measure, paper and a pencil to draw a home before designing a renovation to it in CAD. It worked most of the time, but we learned quickly that if we didn't measure a home extremely accurately on-site before a renovation, the remodel design doesn't always match up with the existing home — there could be gaps in the roof, or drainage issues, walls may not meet up, and beams end up in the wrong places. We now use an ultra-accurate laser measuring device, a digital level, and a laptop to quickly and accurately measure and draw your home before we design the renovation to it. Request a Free Consultation from an architect who will design an addition that seamlessly integrates with your home.

#6: In Your Busiest Year What Percent of Your Work Was Home Renovations?
How we are Different 99%

Your home renovation is our first priority! When the economy is strong other architects focus primarily on work that is more interesting to them than home remodeling design. Residential remodeling has always made up 99% of our work. You don't have to worry that a more interesting project will come along that puts your remodel on the back burner. Request a Free Consultation from an architect whose passion will be designing your home renovation.