What Makes Renovation Design Better Than the Rest?

Three Contractors on How We Are Better

Dave Frampton, General Contractor, Centerville, Utah

           Most architects never think they are wrong. If there are mistakes they never take the blame, let alone talk to you about the problem. But with Renovation Design, even when there are small mistakes, they help find solutions. They are easy to approach and easy to talk with especially if there are questions or concerns. Even though it may seem like a silly question to them, they treat you with respect.
           A lot of times, once an architect draws the plans they are done. But Renovation Design is more hands on. They are willing to be hands on until the final walk through. Honestly, they are head and shoulders above the other residential architects I have worked with.
           As far as the plans go, Renovation Design has a very distinct specifications book. You know exactly what the customer wants. You see it all spelled out. It goes over all the owner’s and architect’s expectations. It is a huge tool in preparing a bid and a huge advantage of their plans.
           Once you get in front of the architects at Renovation Design to talk about your project, you will see the difference. It is a great overall experience and I would refer them in a heartbeat.”

John Farrell, General Contractor, Riverton, Utah

           Their plans are generally very complete and thought out with rarely any mistakes. They are that way because they are knowledgeable and they do their job right. Their plans are always complete.
             Using an architect in general is very critical. Whether you use Renovation Design Group or another architect you have to use one. The days of going in to the plan and review office with a sketch on the back of an envelope are long over.
           An architect will ask the right questions to develop a complete plan for the project; making my life, as a contractor, easier. A detailed plan takes almost all the guesswork out of the bidding process, so we know precisely what to bid on. Without complete and detailed plans, we can’t give an accurate bid. A good architect helps the owner make all the decisions up front so it doesn’t hold up the project while someone makes the decisions down the road.
            The biggest thing is when they have a question from a construction perspective they are open to discussing it with the contractor. They ask the contractor’s opinion. Most architects are so busy with their giant egos that they don’t have time to deal with the contractor or even care about the contractor’s opinion. The architects at Renovation Design are grounded and have a great attitude.”

Branden O'Very, General Contractor, Murray, Utah

           I’ve noticed Renovation Design is easier to deal with. They invest more time in their clients. Most architects just get the plan out and there you go. Then when you have a question they are hard to get a hold of. Renovation Design has been great that way. I can always get a hold of them when I need them.
           In the time they spend with the clients, they go over the price estimates. A lot of architects don’t care about the owner’s budget and they draw them something they can’t afford. Then when they come to get a construction bid and it is way over budget, the homeowner is upset. It is nice to know that a Renovation Design client is serious and they know how much it is going to cost to do the job.
           Architects and builders alike need to understand that this is a team effort. When you are choosing an architect find out if they have good rapport with the contractors and if they are knowledgeable about the remodeling industry. New construction and remodeling is very different and your architect needs to understand the industry. That is what is good about Renovation Design Group. They specialize in home remodels.”