Do I Need an Architect?

If you feel that your project doesn't require architectural design, or if you aren't altering the roof, windows, doors or walls, you probably would not benefit from our services.

Your home remodel may require an Architect, Realtor, Surveyor, Engineer, Interior Designer, Lender, General Contractor, and a Landscaper. From the descriptions below you can determine which professionals your project requires:

Renovation Architect

ARCHITECT. Our architects facilitate the successful completion of a home renovation. This requires helping our clients describe how they will know their remodel is a success in the end. Our architects maximize the use of space for the intended purposes, eliminating unnecessary remodeling costs. We enhance the beauty and pleasure of living in a home, increasing the resale value of your house. Our architects are zoning and code experts, and have a working knowledge of construction costs and structural issues. We know how to avoid expensive and frustrating remodeling pitfalls, and how to assemble a successful team of the remodeling professionals below. Request Your Free Consultation.

General Contractor

GENERAL CONTRACTOR. The general contractor assembles, manages, and directs a team of sub-contractors and coordinates and warranties their work on the construction of the home. Contractors are experts in the cost, logistics, and methods of building. Contractors are about as good at design as architects are at building — we really need each other's skills.
Our Remodeling Contractors & Contractor Selection Services.

Remodeling Realtor

REALTOR. In home renovations where resale value is a primary objective, a Realtor will join our team to advise us early on to determine what a renovation may do to the resale value of a home, how many years it would take to break even on an investment, and what features to include to maximize the investment. Our Realtor Team.

Renovation Surveyor

SURVEYOR. In situations where a proposed home addition may encroach into the setback, or on steep lots, a surveyor will join our team to establish the property line precisely.

Structural Engineer

ENGINEER. An evaluation from a structural engineer is generally always required. The engineer's role on the team is to ensure that the home will stand under normal conditions, as well as during typical natural disasters. They determine and calculate the strength of the structural components of a renovation.

Interior Designer

INTERIOR DESIGNER. An interior designer can be indispensable in coordinating the selection of a myriad of finish materials in a way that is beautiful. Without an interior designer decisions such as paint sheen & colors; wainscot & casing trim, style, & colors; flooring materials & colors; lighting fixtures; door material, style, & colors; hardware style, color, & finish; toilets; sinks; showers; faucets; window coverings; and a hundred other decisions can be overwhelming.

Renovation Lender

LENDER. The lenders on our team have specialized products designed for the unique needs of financing a remodel.

Renovation Architect

LANDSCAPER. The landscaper either only designs or designs and installs the landscape. We have landscape architects, landscape designers, and landscape contractors on our team.

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