Is 2017 the Right Year to Take the Remodeling Leap?

What's Been Happening To Remodeling Construction Costs


  • The economy of the five years before 2008 saw the cost of construction for a home remodel rise by about 10% per year.


  • By the end of 2008 the cost of construction had taken a reversal. The slowdown in the local and global economy had lowered the cost of remodeling by 10%-15%.
  • A remodel that would have cost $230,000 in 2017 if the recession hadn't occurred actually costs $30,000 less because of reduced construction costs.


  • In 2007 if a remodel would have cost $150/SF, today the same remodel would cost $120/SF.
  • But the construction price drop looks to be over.
  • From January 2010 to August 2017, the construction materials price index has increased at a 2.5% annual rate.
  • Given a 2.5% annual increase in construction costs, waiting two years to undertake a $200,000 remodel will increase the cost to $210,125. If inflation rises beyond 2.5% the cost will be significantly greater.

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