• Contemporary Exterior Bungalow Addition

  • Front Porch Bungalow

  • Front Exterior Bungalow

  • Front Bungalow Exterior

  • Back Patio Exterior

  • Bungalow garage

  • Patio Remodel

  • Master Bedroom Addition

  • Master Suite Closet

  • Upscale Contemporary Bathroom

  • Master Suite Closet

  • Bathroom Renovation Contemporary

  • Modern Bathroom Remodel

  • Master Bathroom Attic Addition

  • Basement Remodel

  • Modern Basement Remodel

  • Contemporary Dining Room Remodel

  • Dining Room Design

  • Laundry Room Mudroom Designs

  • Open Floor Great Room

  • Great Room Natural Light

  • Contrmporary Fireplace Remodel

  • Modern Kitchen Remodel

  • Kitchen Remodel Contemporary Design

  • Contemporary Kitchen Bungalow

  • Bungalow Second Story Addition


Style: Bungalows


This G Street Bungalow renovation included the basement, stairway to the basement, kitchen, family room, laundry room, dining room, attic master suite, master bath, back porch and front exterior.
Originally Built in: 1942
Original SF: 1750 Square Feet
Remodeled SF: 4990 Square Feet remodeled