Beofre 1970's Home Renovation Exterior


  • Split Entry Home Remodeling

  • Split Entry Home Exterior Remodel

  • 1970's Exterior Update


Type: House Exterior

Style: Split-Entry/Split-Level


House Style: Split Level/Split Entry Homes & 1970's Homes

Project Type: Exterior Update/ Curb Appeal & Interior Home Remodels

Location: Olympus Cove, SLC, UT

Originally Built in: 1970

This simple exterior update capitalizes on the modern elements of this 1970's split-entry home.

Important design changes: Balconies which create a horizontal element across the entire home which breaks up the vertical wall on the right of the home (before). The accentuated approach to the entry makes the home more inviting. The contemporary porch awning creates human-scale shelter while making the entry a point of focus.