• Master Bathroom Remodel

  • Master Bathroom Remodel

  • Master Bathroom Remodel


Type: Bathroom

Style: 1970's


House Style: Ranch/Rambler

Project Type: Interior Home Remodeling

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
As Renovation Design listened to Lillian and Claron's situation, it became clear that, while their goals were certain, they were perplexed about how to best transform both the look and function of their home to reflect their life. We guided them to a solution that fit their life, reflected their style, and matched their budget.

With more space available from bedrooms that were no longer necessary, Lillian & Claron were able to open up their master bedroom giving them more space. With the space they had available they were able to enlarge their closet and master bath. A closet was also designed near the entrance of the house.

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