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[su_spoiler title=”Avoid Unexpected Costs”]

Avoid costly change orders


Our complete and accurate drawings & specifications prevent costly change orders during construction. Incomplete or basic drawings leave holes in the plans that may lead to costly change orders. One client bid their project without paying us to create complete drawings & specifications. During construction the contractor issued $50,000 in change orders.

Less Remodeling Stress

Reduce Your Remodeling Stress. Avoid the stress and frustration of unexpected additional costs

Save Money

Avoid thousands of dollars in change orders
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Be Inspired

The architects at Renovation Design Group have incredible vision. Your architect will redesign your home to transform it into something inspiring.
Our home design will inspire you every day of your life.
“We just got back from a vacation in Hawaii. The resort was really relaxing, but not as beautiful as our new home. I couldn’t wait to get back to and enjoy our incredible new home!” — Robin G.

Improve Your Lifestyle

Live in a place that is as relaxing, beautiful, and as inspiring as any resort[/su_spoiler]
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We know the best remodeling contractors in town!

In 2008, the BBB received over 48,000 complaints about all different types of contractors. That same year the number two most complained about was Auto Dealers with 26,723 complaints.

But, we know the best remodeling contractors in town. We’ve done dozens of projects with some contractors, and our clients review and rate each contractor so we know their strengths and weaknesses.

Only the best contractors stay on our list, so they have an added incentive to treat our clients right.

Remodel with confidence, using the most competent contractors.

“All the contractors commented that they love working with you and your drawings are detailed and complete. I responded that we love working with you too!” ~ Camille A.

“What Renovation Design does very well is responding to their client’s needs and connecting their clients with excellent contractors.” ~ Tom N.

Reduce Your Remodeling Stress
    Avoid the stress and frustration of:
    • Your contractor skipping town
    • Dealing with an unresponsive contractor
    • Unscrupulous behavior
    • Incompetence
    • Feel save with the workers in your home
Higher Construction Quality

Avoid shoddy work
With adequate planning before-hand extra money can be spent on areas that are most important to you[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Less Stress”]

We’ll Prevent Construction Delays, Over-Paying for your Remodel, and Building Errors

When you hire Renovation Design Group your architect helps make the myriad of remodeling decisions easy and includes them in complete drawings and specifications before the stress of construction delays begins.
When combined with our complete set of drawings and specifications, our bid review service routinely uncovers thousands of dollars of savings. We find missing, incomplete or unnecessary bid items and get them corrected so that you don’t overpay for your remodel.
Your architect will stand up for you during construction to help resolve issues, discover problems that you cannot see, and resolve the issue with the contractor. During one site visit, the architect discovered that a footing was poured two feet short which was easily fixed at that point. If the error had not been discovered early, the smaller home would have been worth $16,000 less and would have been much less functional. Our Construction Observation service may save you thousands, but more importantly will resolve errors in order to get your home built to your complete satisfaction.
You can relax, because we’ve got you covered.

“Besides the initial architectural work, my Architect’s assistance dealing with the contractor after problems arose during construction was very helpful!” ~ Susan P.

“What was most valuable to me was having a professional monitor the remodeling work – as well, of course, as designing it. I have recommended the firm to two people already and will continue to do so.” ~ Ann L.

“Renovation Design Group was very personable and easy to work with. They were always very professional and quick to respond to our concerns and issue with the City and building permit problems. We love the designs we were given and were impressed with how well the Architect knew what would work with our neighborhood.” ~ Kris P.

“Renovation Design Group kept the project in line with fitting into the neighborhood and keeping the plans flexible enough for unforeseen problems in the renovation . . . the results look fantastic!” ~ Robert J.

Reduce Your Remodeling Stress
    Avoid the stress and frustration of:
    • Making decisions under the deadlines of a construction schedule
    • Delaying your renovation
    • Running out of funds because of an inaccurate bid
    • Re-designing during construction to stay within your budget because of an inaccurate bid
    • Finding, documenting, and following up with the contractor to fix construction errors
    • Defending and arguing your position with the contractor
Smarter Remodeling Decisions
    • Get clarity from questions that arise during a thorough analysis of each bid
    • Compare “apples to apples” when selecting your contractor
    • Make financing decisions based on complete and accurate bids
    • Avoid making hasty decisions under the stress of construction schedule constraints
Save Money

When we help you make decisions before construction begins you avoid paying extra money because of construction delays
Our services result in accurate bids from competent contractors and helps you avoid paying additional financing fees
Avoid contractor scams, by using the most competent contractors[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Peace of Mind”]

You’ll be happy you hired us!


Reduce Your Remodeling Stress

“Renovation Design knows how to take the proper steps to minimize problems during design and construction. They know their niche very well and have great customer service.” ~ Ty R.

Save Money Remodeling & Improve Your Lifestyle

“Renovation Design has changed my life. The house they designed just for me helps me and my family live life better. I can be more efficient as a mommy — I can be baking bread and doing something on the computer, and I used to just forget about the laundry. Things get done because my house is more efficiently laid out and it matches my needs. Now we make the most of our outdoor living space. I love my house. I got everything I envisioned. It is amazing how Renovation really makes it happen the way you want. I can say they really changed my life.” ~ Robin G.

Higher Quality of Design and Construction

“Their quality of work was important to me, but they are good at everything; presentation, design, customer care.” ~ Lindsay D.

“Everyone on the Renovation Team performed extremely well. The firm respects the neighborhood’s inherent design features. They operate with professionalism while maintaining a personal touch. Our Architect did a fantastic job of incorporating our ideas and vision into the final plans. We have referred ten or more people to her already. We are continually thankful for deciding to involve our Architect in our design process, she really captured our ideas and made our redesigned home flow and function to our desires.” ~ Greg L.

Smarter Remodeling Decisions

“I appreciated our architect’s upfront candor and enthusiasm and her willingness to consider ideas that other architects weren’t willing to consider.” ~ Annon.

Improved Remodeling Lifestyle

“For years we have wasted a lot of time and money trying to remodel our home piecemeal. As soon as one project was completed we’d realize it would have to be torn out in order to make another idea work. Now we have a house that makes sense and looks great on the inside and outside. I have referred ten or more people to them so far. I would recommend them to anyone.” ~ Martin B.[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”No Regrets”]

Have No Regrets, We’ll Prevent Serious Problems

From an architectural standpoint, the stucco home above leaves something to be desired. The massing is wrong, it’s a hodgepodge of several different styles, and resembles an apartment complex more than a single family home. From a neighborhood standpoint, it was a nightmare — creating severe animosity between the homeowner and most of the neighbors. The political result was a neighborhood backlash against the city which culminated in a city-wide rezoning of Salt Lake City to prevent it from happening again. And as an investment, the design left the resale value far below it’s potential.
Although an extreme example, there are almost endless both minor and quite significant regrets that can be had after undertaking a renovation. Incomplete planning and inexperience is what leads to serious compromises to the success of any project.
Our expertise and experience resolve serious problems before they happen. In the end, almost overwhelmingly our clients report their satisfaction with their remodeling experience.

“Our only regret is that we didn’t do this years ago.” ~ Donna B.

“This really was an ideal project. Not only did it come together well, our purposes for remodeling the home were fulfilled, we love the home, and have yet to come up with anything we wish we would have done differently. Thanks so much for your collaborative help.” ~ Florie J.

“Our project was definitely a success. It’s seamless . . . I couldn’t have done this remodel without an architect. It would have been impossible.” ~ Jennie B.

“Renovation Design’s team atmosphere and the variety of choice in both the scale of work and the project cost were most valuable to me. I had high expectations and they were all met.” ~ Cathy M.

Reduce Your Remodeling Stress
    Avoid the stress and frustration of:
    • Discovering that the city will not let you build what you want
    • Delays associated with getting a permit because of incomplete drawings
    • Poor structural coordination that results in a structural beam, column, or truss that ruins a view, circulation path, or aesthetic goal
    • Water damage and energy inefficiency from inadequate building methods or materials
Improve Your Lifestyle

Proper planning for structural issues, zoning compliance, building methods, and building materials results in the overall success of the project without any regrets.[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Be Unique” style=”fancy”]

Express Yourself through Your Home

When you hire us you work directly with an architect with a lot of creative capacity. Your architect will help you to express your distinctive personality through the architecture of your home.
We’ll help you break out from the boring.
“Renovation Design’s creativity was most valuable to us. My Architect is great at creative, sympathetic design, as well as giving his clients costing options. I can think of nothing that the firm could do to improve, I would strongly recommend them.” ~ Demi M.

“I was very impressed with the creative thinking of space from my Architect. Her communication is her strength..” ~ Diane C.

“We loved the creative way our Architect saw our home, its strengths and ways of improving its drawbacks. We have recommended the firm to several others already.” ~ Jim W.

“Renovation Design Group showed professional presentation, careful follow-up, creative ideas and a timely response to our questions and concerns. We valued our Architect’s confidence in our design ideas. She helped us see the potential of our home and she encouraged us to move forward with our plans. I can’t think of anything that this firm could be doing better.” ~ Perry C.

Improve Your Lifestyle

End up with a home that meets your lifestyle goals, and uniquely expresses your personality[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”More Value” style=”fancy”]

Our Design Expertise will Increase Your Home’s Resale Value, and Save Expenses

Home 1 & 2 (above) were similar before they were each remodeled. The one on the right was designed by Renovation Design Group. Each is comparable in size, bedrooms, and bathrooms after the remodel but the one designed by Renovation Design Group has a much higher resale value.
Our Bid Review service saves expenses. One client saved over $10,000 from a bid review when the architect saw a way to re-bid the tile work. Another wanted to proceed with a bid that seemed attractive until the architect found $30,000 worth of work missing from the bid.
Our services will save expenses while making your home more appealing to future buyers so that it will sell for more money. In addition, you’ll enjoy living there much more in the mean time.

Improve Your Lifestyle

Enjoy living in a home that meets your lifestyle goals

Higher Design and Construction Quality

In partnership with some of the best remodeling contractors in the state, our design expertise will inspire your everyday living

Save Money

Good design pays. When it comes time to sell your home you will be more appealing to buyers and will give a higher return for your investment.
Our bid review helps you to avoid paying thousands of dollars more than is reasonable or necessary
The bid review also helps you to avoid proceeding with an incomplete (low) bid that will result in expensive change orders during the renovation[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Expertise” style=”fancy”]

We’re Experts at Remodeling

We have designed more renovations for homeowners than any other architectural firm we know. After designing 818 remodels we know better how to help you avoid the pitfalls inherent in remodeling than any one else.
You can relax, we’re specialists.

“Our Architect was great. Renovation Design has the knowledge and vision to really make a project work well.” ~ Anne P.

“Renovation Design Group is top-notch professional, timely, thoughtful, helpful, insightful, knowledgeable and encouraging. I don’t have enough words to express your giftedness.” ~ Margaret L.

“I was very pleased with my Architect. He listens and respects his clients. His knowledge of space and materials was exceptional. I wish I had another house so that I could have Renovation Design do the work again.” ~ Wendy L.

“I have referred nine clients to Renovation Design. They have a great knowledge of the codes and listened to what I needed.” ~ Zach H.

“Renovation Design’s strength is their particular attention to detail. What was most valuable to me was that my Architect was looking for my best interest. I got impartial advice on products from him. I feel Renovation Design Group really helped start to finish!” ~ Annon.

Smarter Remodeling Decisions

Avoid even uncommon remodeling mistakes from our experience
Make the most of your renovation investment — do it right the first time[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Your Lifestyle” style=”fancy”]

We’ll Make Sure Your Lifestyle Goals are Met!

An award-winning design is nice, but a design that changes your life is what gets us excited. We make sure that we get a clear statement of how you will measure the success of the project once it is completed and then get you there!
We transform your home and change your life.

“When we met Annie, I could just see in her eyes that she immediately had ideas and that she knew they could do this. Now our beautiful new home has literally changed our lives. Our family now has a place to gather together, and our children bring their friends home to play. I used to be too embarrassed to invite people into my home, but now I love to host parties and large family gatherings in our new home. Our only regret is that we didn’t do this years ago.” ~ Donna B.

Reduce Your Daily Stress
    Eliminate the stress and frustration of:
    • Living in a home that you are embarrassed to hold parties in, or that simply don’t accommodate parties well
    • Sharing a bathroom with too many people
    • Feeling confined, and continually being in someone’s way
    • Not being able to accommodate guests graciously
    • Not having your own private space to retreat to
    • The depression of dark spaces, little natural light, and little view to the outdoors
    • The clutter and claustrophobia from not having enough storage space
Improve Your Lifestyle

Live each day in a home that facilitates your daily living enjoyment
End up with a home that actually meets your lifestyle goals, and your daily lifestyle needs![/su_spoiler]