From Our Clients Point of View

All the contractors commented that they love working with you and your drawings are detailed and complete. I responded that we love working with you too!

CAMILLE A., ST. MARY’S April 12, 2016

Renovation Design's team atmosphere and the variety of choice in both the scale of work and the project cost were most valuable to me. I had high expectations and they were all met. I picked up the approved plans from the city of Draper today. They paid you a great compliment. The exact quote was, 'You have a wonderful [Architect]. For all the years I have worked here; this is the first time a set of plans has not required corrections.' I agreed!

Cathy M., Draper May 17, 2017

We are soooo glad we spent the time and money getting professional help in the planning stage. As we are smack dab in the middle of the remodel, so many issues have been diverted because of good planning.

Jeanne G., Draper May 17, 2017

I especially appreciated Renovation Design’s knowledge and experience with remodeling older homes. They were able to help us plan for long term needs and we valued their continued involvement throughout construction. They are very professional and organized. We felt that they communicated well throughout the project.

Joyce G., Salt Lake City May 17, 2017

We loved the creative way our Architect saw our home, its strengths and ways of improving its drawbacks. The drafters spent a lot of time accurately measuring our home before the design started. We have recommended the firm to several others already.

Jeanette W., Federal Heights May 17, 2017

Renovation Design had vision and skill and came up with great ideas on a very difficult project.  They came up with ideas that we had never thought of.  I felt like they listened very carefully to what we wanted and helped us achieve the goals we had in mind.  Now we have a house that makes sense and looks great on the inside and outside.  I have referred ten or more people to them so far.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Donna B., Harvard/Yale May 17, 2017

Thanks for your patience with us. I am SO HAPPY to be working with Renovation Design Group.  As I sensed from the beginning, you truly know what the homeowners needs are and how to bring about a satisfying remodeling experience.

Judy W., Salt Lake City May 17, 2017

Renovation Design did a wonderful job redesigning our master suite. We are now in the construction process and they continue to follow through with us. If we run into any problems, our Architect comes right on site to help. She says there's always a solution to any problem, and it's true that she always comes up with great solutions. I just can't say enough good things about this company.

Sally B., Federal Heights May 17, 2017

Renovation Design deliver quality work based on thoughtful interactions.

Bianca S., 15th & 15th May 17, 2017

Our Architect was wonderful to work with...very open to ideas, gave honest and thoughtful feedback, incredibly professional as well as fun.

Janie W., Cottonwood Heights May 17, 2017

Our Architect respected our neighborhood's inherent design features and did a fantastic job of incorporating our ideas and vision into the final plans. They operate with professionalism while maintaining a personal touch. We have referred ten or more people already. We are continually thankful for deciding to involve [Renovation Design Group] in our design process, [they] really captured our ideas and made our redesigned home flow and function to our desires.

Greg L., Salt Lake City May 17, 2017

Working with our Architect was fantastic. She was so patient with all of our repetitive questions. I felt like she held my hand through the entire project.

Gayla B., Avenues May 17, 2017

Renovation Design’s strengths are their professional presentation, careful follow-up, creative ideas, and timely response to questions and concerns. We not only found a gifted architect, but made a new friend.

Perry C., Westminster May 17, 2017

Your superb work on the exterior remodel is certainly recognized, particularly by those who had seen “the before” of our home up close and personal.  I smile every time I pull into the driveway…. It has been a pleasure to work with Renovation Design Group, and I hope that your firm continues to grow and prosper.

Joe W., Avenues May 17, 2017

Thanks so much for the hard work! We REALLY love what you've done with the exterior. I think [my wife] just about cried. We also like the changes made to the interior. We appreciate your abilities. Your listening skills and ability to translate those to a concrete plan is impressive and comforting. We are even more assured that the outcome will be exactly what we want.

Patrick B., Millcreek May 17, 2017

I really got what I wanted. My Architect listened to my ideas and incorporated them in every way. Renovation listens to how the client wants their home to function. Every family has specific needs that they dream of and Renovation helps implement them. I really can't think of one thing I would improve about Renovation Design. Our project was pretty flawless and has turned out exceptional. Thank you!!! How do you thank the people that made your dream house?

Robin H., Salt Lake City May 17, 2017

I like that our Architect looked at our house with "fresh eyes" and drew up some possibilities for us that we had never considered. She far exceeded our expectations! At first we weren't even going to consider some of the suggestions she was putting forth (they seemed like tackling Mt. Everest) but when we showed our builder the plans he agreed that they were great options, and it wouldn't be that hard to do. We love her ideas...we're falling in love with our home all over again.

Linda R., Cottonwood Heights May 17, 2017

We really valued Renovation Design’s holistic approach to designing our remodel. We liked how they asked questions about how we live and what our wants and needs are and then incorporated that information into the design. We are thrilled with our house! Our contractor thought [Renovation Design] was amazing to work with and very responsive. Sandy City was also quite impressed with your drawings.

Lisa C., Sandy May 17, 2017

I really appreciated my Architect’s willingness to listen to me and understand my life and mold my wants and needs into something that's not only beautiful, but practical and useful, and if I ever have to move, sellable. I look back at my first meeting with my Architect when she asked me what would make my remodel a success. If I remember right, my answer was if I have a kitchen I enjoy using (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing anything in my kitchen!), a basement that is practical for having lots of family and other visitors (they now ask how long they can stay or if they can move in... maybe that's not such a good thing after all!), and a home that I felt comfortable entertaining family and friends in (hosted my 1st dinner party in the 7 years I've lived there shortly after moving back in). I now have a home that fits me better than I ever thought a home could or would! My experience with Renovation Design was only positive - I always felt valued not only as a client, but also as a person. I'm just really grateful.

Rosanne R., Sugarhouse May 17, 2017

My Architect was exceptional, as good or better than anyone I have worked with in over 25 years in the Commercial Real Estate industry. We were lucky to have her help us with our home. I really appreciated her creative solutions to our design issues, exceptional customer support and follow through, great sensitivity to my wife's concerns and her extreme professionalism. She really knew what she was doing. She listened to get an understanding of what we wanted and then she delivering on that. So many architects don’t listen real well and try to convince their clients that their way is the right way. There was none of that with her. The collaborative process of working with her and the contractor produced a great product. I feel very comfortable recommending Renovation Design and have done so to multiple family and friends.

Steve O., Millcreek May 17, 2017

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