Once the sheathing and waterproofing is applied to the framing and the plywood sheathing and waterproofing is applied over the roof trusses, the final step to enclosing the house is to add the doors and windows.  At that point, the house is totally ‘dried in’ or protected from the elements.

Doors and windows are a critical part of any residential design; they make a large contribution to the final personality of the house.  They are also a fairly expensive item in the budget, so a lot of study and thought goes into their selection.  Since they will be manufactured specifically for each house, they are a custom item that has a relatively long lead time.  This means they must be ordered well in advance of the time they will be installed.

It is an exciting day when the windows and exterior doors arrive!  Not only will they cut the biting winter winds that have been blowing through the house, they begin to reveal the true look of the home.  This project is obviously all about the view, so there is a lot of glass on the rear of the house.  The window frames have been streamlined and minimized to avoid any competition with the view beyond.  Windows that wrap the corners allow for views beyond 180 degrees and add to the drama of the site.

The large deck at the rear of the home will be an important living space for the owners so it has a strong visual and physical connection to the interior of the home.  A large door with three telescoping panels will create a 10 foot-wide by 10 feet-high opening between the living room and the deck.  Adjacent French doors will provide another convenient way to access the deck.

The windows that frame the truly AMAZING view
Retractable French Doors
Corner Windows
Hillside Villa: Views call for Windows!

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