Let’s meet our clients Jon & Marisa. Jon and Marisa came to Renovation Design Group ready to remodel and expand their kitchen.  They also wanted to expand their gathering space and find a way to better utilize an existing dining room.  They have several children that play musical instruments, so they also wanted to formalize a “music room” that would isolate sound.

   We came up with four design options of various size and scope that achieved this criteria and then worked closely with them to refine the ideas to best meet their lifestyle. The process is well under way and we will follow Jon & Marisa’s exciting home renovation with Architect Annie V. Schwemmer’s progressive site visits! (Construction by Jackson and LeRoy)

BEFORE Remodel of Kitchen, Dining, and Gathering Space | Renovation Design Group
BEFORE Remodel of Kitchen, Dining, and Gathering Space


The Existing Floor Plan | Renovation Design Group
The Existing Floor Plan
The New Floor Plan! | Renovation Design Group
The New Floor Plan!


Canyon View Drive: Meet our Clients!

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