Contractor Selection Services |   Price:  $25

Our Contractor Selection Service is a safe way to find the best remodeling contractor for your home renovation. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and dozens of contractors. Our Architects have personally met each contractor, and can recommend the best one for your situation. Whether you are wanting to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or already have plans for a second story addition, we know the best home remodeling contractor companies in Utah.


There is a big difference between constructing a new home and remodeling, so we will help you find a contractor that has extensive experience in residential remodeling.

We know the remodel contractors to avoid, and stop refering contractors whose performance declines. We feel confident that we can help you select a reputable, honest contractor just right for you. You may even qualify to recieive a credit/refund of $290 from us after hiring your contractor. Ask for details.

Request a consultation today to find a qualified, honest, licensed remodeling contractor with our Contractor Selection Service.