The Design ExplorationSM is a comprehensive study that develops multiple designs — presenting functionally creative and aesthetically exciting alternatives that achieve your goals and reflect your style. Your Architect will do a zoning study, design study and a budget projection to ensure that your project is creative, workable, and affordable, while helping you to select a contractor. Depending on the contractor you select, you may even receive a $290 credit/refund. Request a consultation today to experience the unique architectural touch of one of our creative, licensed Architects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like the designs my Architect does for me?

It’s not common, but sometimes our initial designs do miss the mark. Simply tell us and we will make sure we get it right, or make it right. If you let us know how, we will make sure you are happy. See our clients ratings of our performance.

How long does the Design ExplorationSM take?

Usually between four to six weeks. It depends on the workload of the Architect you are meeting with. If time is an issue, indicate it when requesting your Consultation. You will be assigned to an Architect that can complete the project quickly.

Does the Design ExplorationSM include three-dimensional models?

The price listed includes only a colored two dimensional rendering. Three dimensional computer models usually cost an additional $300-800, but your Architect can give you a price for this during your architectural consultation. Just ask about it.