You will meet with a creative Architect who will discuss your goals, and the needs and functions of your project while taking into account your design preferences, available budget, and the code and building regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you do an initial consultation without seeing my home?

Your Architect will visit your home before doing any design work, but is able to offer an architectural consultation in our office or by phone from photos that you take of your home (digital photos can be printed at the time of your consultation). Based on the year the home was built, your home’s location, and the photos your Architect will be able to identify the potential issues involved. We have done over five hundred projects that started this way, and have found that it works.

What should I bring to the Consultation?

Bring photos of any part of the home you would like to discuss, and photos of all exterior sides of your home. Your Architect will help you identify the things you need to change about your home during your consultation. If you have any, bring any other pictures, photos, or drawings that show spaces or styles that you like.

When will I get a price for your services?

At the end of your consultation. Based on the information you give to your Architect during the consultation, he or she will be able to give you a fixed price for a Design StudySM. He or she can also discuss the cost associated with the different levels of service you can choose from for the Renovation SolutionSM at that time as well.

Can I have an Architect come to my home for a Consultation?

Yes. You will be billed hourly for the visit, but the price for your Design StudySM will be reduced by the amount of the Consultation. Just indicate that you would like an on-site consultation when requesting your Initial Consultation.

Can I choose which Architect I have my Consultation with?

Yes. If you have a preference, just indicate which Architect you prefer when requesting your architectural consultation. See the Architect’s Bios.

Can I finance your fees over time?

Yes, if you call paying with a credit card financing. We accept all major credit cards.