We provide three levels of service to take you from start to finish. The Outline PlanSM is our most affordable construction plan set. The Full-PlanSM is our most complete, elegant and designed construction set. Our Inspire Architectural ServicesSM provides assistance in specifying finishes as well as providing site observation and design services during construction.

It’s easy for a renovation project to snowball. This is why your Architect will fully develop the design in order to balance the cost, time, and scope of the project before construction begins. In addition we provide permit-ready architectural drawings as well as a project specification to get accurate, comparable bids from contractors. Your Architect will help you select a reputable contractor and will observe the construction of your project to make sure it is built to specifications.

Your Architect will give your home that special touch by spending additional time on the areas of your home that are important to you so that it will reflect your style. You will also receive a Product Information Guide and interior finishes professionally designed by an interior designer to help you sort through countless decisions such as flooring, fixtures, hardware, and trim to help you make the best decisions for you and your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t need a specification, bidding help, or help during construction?

We can customize the services you need — from our Outline PlanSM the most basic permit-only set with no specifications, bidding assistance, or construction observation to our Inspire Architectural ServicesSM. This way you have control over the final cost of our services.

Can you be more specific about costs?

The total cost is a function of the type of project we design, the scope of the renovation, and the level of our services. Your Architect can give you a more specific answer after discussing the scope of your project during your Consultation.

How long will the entire process take?

Usually between six to twelve weeks. It depends on the size of your project and the workload of the Architect you are meeting with. If time is an issue, indicate it when requesting your Consultation. You will be assigned to an Architect that can complete your project quickly.