Professional Architect Services
May 17, 2017

I really appreciated my Architect’s willingness to listen to me and understand my life and mold my wants and needs into something that’s not only beautiful, but practical and useful, and if I ever have to move, sellable. I look back at my first meeting with my Architect when she asked me what would make my remodel a success. If I remember right, my answer was if I have a kitchen I enjoy using (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing anything in my kitchen!), a basement that is practical for having lots of family and other visitors (they now ask how long they can stay or if they can move in… maybe that’s not such a good thing after all!), and a home that I felt comfortable entertaining family and friends in (hosted my 1st dinner party in the 7 years I’ve lived there shortly after moving back in). I now have a home that fits me better than I ever thought a home could or would! My experience with Renovation Design was only positive – I always felt valued not only as a client, but also as a person. I’m just really grateful.