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Type: House Exterior

Style: Bungalows


House Style: Bungalows

Project Type: Exterior Update/ Curb Appeal

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Originally Built in: 1968

Vern and Kathryn love their traditional arts and crafts home in the Harvard/Yale area, but it needed updating. Their dream was to build a luxurious master suite in a second story addition. They wanted to know what was possible. Can their 80-year old home hold a second story? Will their home still have the same character? Will it be worth the investment?

Renovation Design's experienced architects studied Vern and Kathryn's situation, and found that a second story could be designed to meet zoning height restrictions. The existing structure was able to hold a second story, but the home needed earthquake reinforcement.
A creative design was prepared that met their needs and maximized resell value while also reducing the amount of additional space Vern and Kathryn thought would be needed. This made the project more affordable, and gave confidence that it was within budget.
Vern and Katheryn determined that their project was feasible. The design was within the character of their old home, and was possible to be built within zoning, code, and covenant restrictions while staying within their budget.