June 13, 2018

Jon & Marisa (Inspection & Interior Design)

Jon & Marisa  (Inspection & Interior Design)

The contractor passed his 4-way inspection this week (framing and rough plumbing, mechanical, and electrical) and the benefits of interior designers and a well developed plan in place. This is post #9 in a series of construction observation for Jon & Marisa.

June 6, 2018

Jon & Marisa Update!

Jon & Marisa Update!

From the beginning of the project we’ve known that there was something funky going on with the floor but we didn’t know what was causing it. The original house was built in 1949 and the family room addition was constructed

May 23, 2018

Jon & Marisa (Great Room and Roof)

Jon & Marisa (Great Room and Roof)

Today was so exciting because now that the framing is complete they were able to remove the temporary interior walls and we got to see the new great room space – it looks amazing! The roof has been dried in

May 16, 2018

Jon & Marisa (Roof framing almost complete)

Jon & Marisa (Roof framing almost complete)

As far as construction progress goes, the roof framing should wrap up later this week and it was exciting to see that the Pella windows have been installed. With the framing almost complete, the rough plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and audio/visual

May 14, 2018

Jon & Marisa (Addition and Adjustments)

Jon & Marisa (Addition and Adjustments)

This week we had our first chance to stand in the new addition! The exterior walls between the old and new spaces have been removed, but there is still a temporary wall supporting the existing roof that prevents us from

May 3, 2018

Jon & Marisa (Concrete and Communication)

Jon & Marisa                                            (Concrete and Communication)

It’s not often you see a huge concrete pump looming over your house, but it IS pretty exciting! Having poured the footing and foundation walls several days before, the next step is to pour the basement floor slab.  The framers

April 26, 2018

Jon & Marisa (Demolition and Excavation)

Jon & Marisa  (Demolition and Excavation)

Demolition and excavation are in full swing at Jon & Marisa’s house. The contractors have also formed the footings for the addition. Following the stress of moving out, demolition is often a bit unnerving to clients (and their children) as they

April 9, 2018

Jon & Marisa

Jon & Marisa

    Let’s meet our clients Jon & Marisa. Jon and Marisa came to Renovation Design Group ready to remodel and expand their kitchen.  They also wanted to expand their gathering space and find a way to better utilize an existing dining room.  They have

January 22, 2018

Creating Balance through Design

When it comes to home renovations, kitchens and bathrooms are two of the hottest spots in the home. There are several reasons to remodel both. Let’s talk about the kitchen. Why the kitchen? Dilapidation–  Cracked tile, broken cabinets, shoddy appliances,

April 28, 2016

Architects’ focus is remodeling jobs

Architects’ focus is remodeling jobs

After designing a handful of high schools in the region, commercial buildings with little local character, and high-end homes with sky-high budgets, Ann Robinson and Annie Vernon decided it was time to come back to earth. The two architects were

January 28, 2016

Programming key to good design

By Ann Robinson and Annie Vernon Last week we gave you a homework assignment. Have you spent the week browsing magazines, checking out books and setting your TiVo to record home design shows? Hopefully you are filling your mind with

May 5, 2015

Renovation Design Architects add Value to your project

The architects at Renovation Design will add value to your project by assuring that your project design will be aesthetically inspiring, functional, and structurally sound. We will help you assemble a strong team to execute your project including a structural engineer, a contractor,