By Ann Robinson and Annie Schwemmer

We started writing this renovation column back in April 2005. With our five-year anniversary, we wanted to turn our attention to our readers.

First of all, thank you for reading. And to the Deseret News, thank you for giving us a place to write every week.

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This family had a remodel done just in time to host their annual Super Bowl party in a much better space for gathering.

Over the past five years, we have covered home remodels from just about every angle. We have tried to pass on our knowledge and give ideas to inspire you.

Some of our favorite columns are when we feature finished projects. It has been fun to go back and talk with our past clients and see how redesigning their home has changed their lives.

We have found families really are happier when they have the right place to live.

After her remodel, one client wrote in to thank us. “Our beautiful new home has literally changed our lives,” she says.

“Our family now has a place to gather together, and our children bring their friends home to play. I used to be too embarrassed to invite people into my home, but now I love to host parties and large family gatherings in our new home.”

This is not a unique response. Several of our clients talk of hosting more parties and gathering together more as a family.

They talk of eating together and cooking at home more often. One family was happily surprised after their remodel when their teenage daughters started getting along better. The mom said she knew the girls would be happier, but she didn’t expect such a transformation just by giving them a little of their own space.

Of course, we can’t promise family bliss after a home remodel, but it is true when your space functions better, you live better.

This next year, we plan to continue to reflect on the clients who have been through the remodeling process, but we also want to focus on you — our readers.

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