Once the hole has been dug for a new home, we begin filling it up again –this time with concrete and steel to create the engineered footings and foundation walls which will hold up the new structure.  The process for correctly laying out these elements is critical, as there is no easy way to move huge slabs of concrete after the fact.  Hats off to great contractors and excavators who can carefully read the design documents and accurately translate them into real world conditions!

A sloped site such as this presents even greater challenges to get it right the first time. The drivers of this equipment are either very brave or crazy as they perch on giant mounds of dirt hanging off the side of a hill.  Luckily, the soil on this property was a nice sandy loam from the shores of ancient Lake Bonneville with only one large boulder to contend with, so that helped the process move along smoothly.

The large concrete retaining walls have to be carefully braced until the concrete is set and able to hold its own weight.  Once the forms are stripped away, a clean palette appears for the construction of the home itself.

Hillside Villa: Footing & Foundation

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