The interior drywall has been hung and on the exterior the brick and fiber cement siding & trim have been installed. It is exciting to see the interior spaces and exterior finishes take shape! Interestingly these two things also made an issue with the window height evident that no one had noticed previously. While we were on site today, the contractor realized that the windows on the side of the house are the correct size but were installed 2” too low and in all 3 cases will conflict with cabinetry. They can be moved up but the exterior siding and trim will have to be reworked. The windows on the back are 2” shorter than was specified and don’t line up with an adjacent existing door & window which looks strange. They can also be moved up, but it may be easier to order taller windows to avoid having to rework the brick wainscot. The contractor will do whatever the group decides is the best solution and will cover any incurred costs.

Renovation projects are very complex. It can’t be overstated how nice it is when unexpected situations arise (and they always will), to be working with a team of people (client included) who can remain calm and focus on solutions. It makes a big difference when the commonly held belief is that everyone is doing their best to provide a great end product for the client. Every team member takes responsibility for their role in the project, and in this case specifically, the contractor admitted they made a mistake and will resolve it. No harm done and the project moves forward!

Similarly, several months ago when the roof was in the process of being framed, the contractors had done their best to cover the roof, but a spring downpour resulted in water seeping into an existing basement bedroom in which the homeowner was storing some of their possessions. Jon & Marisa had to quickly move their belongings out and will have to pay for new carpet in that room. During our pre-construction meeting the contractor and I discussed with Jon & Marisa the possibility of items that were left in the house being impacted by construction, weather, or intruders. Contractors do their very best to protect against all of the above, but it is still a construction site and they cannot guarantee against damage or theft. Kudos to Jon & Marisa because they also recognized their role in the project and took the unexpected situation in stride.

fiber cement, drywall, Jon & Marisa, Construction Observation
brick and fiber cement siding & trim have been installed
fiber cement, dry wall, Jon & Marisa
The interior drywall has been hung
Canyon View Drive: Unexpected Situations