1970's designs, tiled fireplace, living room


  • Marble slap fireplace, contemporary furniture, Fireplace ideas, natural light, floating shelves

  • Entry way, new door, modern flooring, modern furniture

  • Natural light in Basement, Dark basement ideas, Entry way, modern traditional

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  • Bungalows, Dining area, open walls, remove walls, natural light, modern traditional

  • Modern traditional kitchen, Range vents, contemporary backsplash

  • Bungalows, Walk-in pantry, small appliance storage ideas

  • Mud room, cubbies, kid friendly designs

  • Split level stairs, new staircase, basement

  • Basement, crafting, crafting tables, craft room

  • Laundry room, second kitchen, backup fridge space, laundry storage

  • Modern Casual, Bathroom, showers, shower seat

  • Traditional Bathroom, fun floor tile, Circle mirrors


Style: Bungalows

Built in: 1900-1909


Turn of the Century Bungalow in Salt Lake City had a complete interior renovation which opened up rooms, added tons of natural light, and modernized the home with Modern style and Design

Project Team:
LEI Engineers & Surveyors
Living Home Construction
Jared Medley, Photographer