The electrical systems of today’s houses have come a long way from a single light fixture in the center of the ceiling and three (if you’re lucky) outlets in the walls!

Take lighting, for example.  The trend is to install more lighting fixtures and recessed can lights than ever which can result in a remarkable display of multiple switches on interior walls.  (Actually, with today’s popular open-concept floor plans, interior walls can be few in number so finding spots for switches can be quite a challenge.)  Often these banks of switches have to be awkwardly labeled because no normal brain can memorize what controls what.

Today, however, whole house computerized systems are available to provide sophisticated options to control all the lights inside and outside the house.  With a lighting control system, individual switches can be combined to create lighting ‘scenarios’ that are simple to understand and which eliminate those large banks of switches on the wall.  These systems also have the advantage of working with your smart phone so remote control of the lighting is possible.

Wiring can also include adding options such as security systems and audio-visual systems which also return to central panels in the home. Add to this wiring for mechanical systems, such as thermostats and exhaust systems, and it is no surprise that those walls are pretty full!

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