The baseboard and window casings have all been installed except where they’re waiting for cabinetry which is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I was very excited to see that a couple of the great room beams have been installed and they look great! This is one detail that clients sometimes choose to eliminate that they shouldn’t. Using elements on the ceiling goes a long way to help define smaller areas (kitchen, family room, dining room, desk) within a larger area (great room). They break up the large ceiling and make the space feel more cozy. They’re also a great way to dress up a space.

On the outside the concrete company has been busy demolishing the driveway, walks, and retaining wall and the new retaining wall has already been poured. The wall needs to cure for a week or so before they can backfill, but once that is done they’ll level out all the areas where the new driveway, walks, and patio will be poured. Jon and Marisa considered facing the wall with brick to match their house, but ultimately decided plastering it will suffice.

In our last meeting we discussed with Jon & Marisa what types of items they want to store in their new storage room & other closets. Geoff (the contractor) measured one of Marisa’s bins and the finish carpenters installed customized shelving accordingly. Marisa is very excited about all the great storage space!

Great Room Beams
Concrete Work
Storage Space
Canyon View Drive: Great Room and Concrete Work

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