Even though this winter has been unseasonably warm and the snow limited, it is still “sit by the fireplace” season.

We may not ever light the fire but at least we can enjoy the ambiance of a well designed fireplace and mantel.

If you don’t have a fireplace or your existing fireplace is less than desirable, you don’t have to live without. You can add a fireplace or remodel, reface or resurface your existing fireplace to create the look you want.

It is amazing the difference a well-designed fireplace makes in a room.

We would like to share with you some of our favorite fireplace remodels that add charm, enhance a room’s style, and become a focal point instead of a dated liability.

Take a look at the drastic before and after photos.

13th Avenue

This remodel transformed the 1950s fireplace into a beautiful craftsman style encased in bookshelves.

1500 East

The options for fireplaces can meet any style preference.

One client modernized their craftsman bungalow fireplace to create a more contemporary style throughout.

Many times clients find a sentimental connection to their fireplaces. Whether they have special memories that involved gathering around the fireplace or their great grandfather actually laid the bricks and mortar, they find a connection they want to maintain in a remodel.

We have had clients save the bricks from the original fireplace to rebuild in another area of the house.

We have also seen clients recreate the look of a once-loved fireplace.

This Bountiful family was one such client. They recreated their favorite fireplace from their first house and incorporated a subtle home for a TV.


The overpowering full brick wall was replaced with a smaller brick face surrounded by a beautiful mantel, bookshelves and cupboard that hides a flat-screen television.

Some of our favorite fireplaces are new fireplace additions.

Adding a fireplace can enhance any room. While some clients just want the functionality of a fireplace to heat a space, why not add functionality and beauty?


This new fireplace added a simple, classic wood detail. It is clean and bright. It became a beautiful focal point in the new space.

Fireplaces don’t always have to be in the front room. Some of the best fireplaces are in family rooms, master bedrooms, and even bathrooms.

Fort Douglas

One new fireplace was added in the home’s master bathroom. Talk about luxury! Soaking by the fireplace beats sitting by the fire any day.

We hope some of our favorite fireplaces may inspire you to look at your own fireplace in a new way or to imagine something new for your home. We give you permission to dream and don’t hold back. Honestly, when it comes to fireplace remodels and additions, these days the possibilities are pretty limitless.

Fireplace1 Fireplace2 Fireplace3 Fireplace4 Fireplace5 Fireplace6 Fireplace7 Fireplace8

Architects Ann Robinson and Annie V. Schwemmer are the founders of Renovation Design Group, a local design firm specializing in home remodels.

You, too, can enjoy the ambiance of a well-designed fireplace